Friday, October 26, 2012

Gourmet Gourmet Amelia Island, FL

Penne Pasta with Cream Sauce, Sausage, Broccolini and Parmesan Cheese
Linguini with Lobster and Cream Sauce

Filet on Potatoes with Vegetables and Scallops

Welcome to Amelia Island, Florida. When you travel all the time like I do it is very easy to get frustrated with food that does not live up to Manhattan standards and that is pretty much everything. This can also lead to one of the best phenomenons of traveling and that is finding a little of the beaten path joint that you don't expect. Non-New York Italian food can't live up in a side by side taste comparison so when you find a little place that exceeds expectation it is a welcome surprise. Gourmet Gourmet did that for me. I needed a little pasta dish and the Penne with Sausage and Broccolini hit the spot for me. In fact I loved it and went back again the next night and had it again. I don't even like cream sauce. Never have. I choose tomato sauce every time, but I went out on a limb for this one and was very happy with the dish. If I'm ever back on Amelia Island I will be stopping in. If I were forced to complain about one thing it would be how ridiculous the name is . Isn't one Gourmet enough? Fortunately I don't have to complain so I like this little place just the way it is.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ba-nom-a-nom Non-Dairy 100% Gluten Free Fruit Soft Serve

Denver I love you. I'm working my cheese off here, but to step outside randomly for some air and stumble on to this mobile masterpiece was much needed. If only I had skipped crew lunch or been able to clear room for 2nd lunch it would have been golden. There is a vast array of amazing mobile treats that I wanted to sink my teeth in to. Everything from home made biscuits and accessories to Argentinian Sliders. My head almost exploded from all of the choices these fine downtown Denver folks have here at the Civic Center EATS. My Recommendation would be to grab some grub and hit up the museums. It looks like they have some fine collections down here.

Alas, my belt had almost reached its last loop when I came across healthy concoction that could give a master of justification the nudge he needed to fill that last loop with belly, but wait what is this it is both gluten and dairy made of 100% fruit? how has has this little mobile delight not graced the site of my eyes before. A perfect 100% things grown from the earth. I'll eat to that refreshing bit of soft serve perfection.

Here's to you Ba-nom-a-nom and Denver for taking the foodie truck craze up a notch...yum.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Parisi Bakery 198 Mott Street

Parisi Bakery 198 Mott Street

Take my word for it. Top five best sandwiches I've had in New York. I can't believe it took me seven years to find this joint. Maybe some day I'll do a top five sandwiches of New York countdown. For now happy tramping and feel free to share any of your food eating adventures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gumbo's Austin tx

Jenn and I had the pleasure of eating at this fine establishment in Austin last week. I had the Tortilla Crusted Salmon which worked perfectly in Texas. It was a good dish, but Jenn had the Sweet Potato Catfish and it blew my mind. I could have eaten that twice in the same sitting it was so good. I was definitely jealous of her choice.

A great experience overall and Downtown Austin was buzzing with delight as usual. We all had a great time.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Trust me. Just make it. It looked so tasty that I dove right in and forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remember this date and put it in your calendar. September third is my girlfriend's birthday. As a part of her birthday gift we decided that celebrating with some of New York's finest dining should be the order for the day. Jenn and I typically like to keep things simple, so we decided to eat at the bar on the Tavern side of Gramercy Tavern and save the dining hall menu for another day.

I had eaten at Gramercy Tavern a handful of times and have always been completely happy with the Tavern side. The Tavern Menu has plenty to offer, but is definitely not the full Dining Hall Menu. Regardless, both Jenn and I savored every last taste.

We both started with the Heirloom Tomato Salad with
Pickled Cherries and that only rang in at $12. It wasn't over salted which can tend to happen with a tomato salad, but was completely fresh and delicious. I personally would have never thought to match the pickled cherries with this salad and was delightfully surprised by them. They complimented each other in a perfect way that allows you to enjoy a little something sweet at the beginning of the meal.

I followed up my Heirloom Tomatoes with an $18.00 Meatball. I figured if it is an $18.00 Meatball it must be amazing. I chose wisely as the Fontina, Potato Purée and Red Wine Onions almost made my taste buds explode from a foodgasm. It is true that since a child few things I have loved more than mashed Potatoes. Mixing this love with one giant meatball was the perfect mixture of foods to pass my glory filled eyes and in to my unfilled stomach. Reflecting on it induces the yearning for a prompt Gramercy Tavern return. Possibly the world's perfect food coma resides within the walls of this place and I haven't even told you about the labor of perfection Jenn had.

I almost mugged her for it and ran out the door in to the cold lonely night, regretting abandoning my love for Smoked Pork. It would have been the happiest sad moment of my life as I salted the delicious pork with my tears. Alas, her stomach shrank from a recent
illness and she couldn't finish the whole thing and she volunteered a few bites of culinary pork bliss. Thank the culinary gods for her willingness to share because I wouldn't have wanted to go on living without having tasted the Gramercy Tavern Smoked Pork Shoulder. The Cornbread and Bacon Broth (Yea, Bacon Broth) alone were truly a work of art. They provided the perfect cornbread to sop up all that delicious pig soaked pork. I'm not sure anything on this earth exists better than pig soaked pork.

After filling our bellies with these two amazing meals we had little room and the belief that there was no where to go but down, so we ordered the Sorbet for dessert to cleanse the fond memories of amazing entrees from our taste buds and celebrated Jenn's Birthday late in to the night never having forgotten for one second the culinary journey we had just conquered (misty tear drop.)

Gramercy Tavern, I dare say our paths shall cross again and until then I'll still be Tramping.

Cheers Food Tramps and Happy Dining!